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Ordering, Shipping, Payment, Policies & Procedures
DRILL TECHNOLOGY; Ordering / Shipping Information and Policies
IMPORTANT  NOTES For purchasing ANY SAPFM TOOLS from us online, we want to have it in stock.  If a SAPFM item does not have an "Add to Cart" Button next to it, it is either because the item is in and out of stock so quickly that we cannot guarantee an accurate shipping date or we do not have it in stock.  We do not want to hold onto your money for more than 3 days without shipping.
Online Ordering We offer Online Ordering for SAPFM ITEMS Only at this time.  We use the Paypal Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway as our Payment Processor. You can pay using your paypal account or use your Credit Card.
Credit Cards Accepted via Paypal On the Paypal payment gateway processor we accept: Discover, Mastercard, Visa and American Express
Addresses: Please supply your phone number when sending us an order.   The US Postal System and UPS has an address verification system and if they cannot verify your address online, they will not ship it.
Shipping Address: Please ensure your shipping address is correct.   Upon shipping we email you a shipping notification either from the US Postal Website or the UPS Quantum View Notification System.  Check your inbox.  If we receive a return shipment, we will notify you and you will have the option of receiving a full refund minus the freight cost or we can invoice you for the additional freight amount.
Invoice Number and Data in our System. An invoice is logged at the time of purchase and we keep a record of the transaction,  with an Invoice / Document Number, name, address, and the item(s) purchased and dollar amounts.  If you have a problem with an item, you can email us and give us the document / invoice number.
Stock Items vs TBA ITEMS: Most of the parts are in stock all of the time and we strive to ship within 24 to 72 hours. However, there might be a time when we don’t have the part in stock or it is backordered .   We make every attempt to advise you on a correct delivery date, however we are dependent on our machines.  TBA means that the part is available, we just don’t have it in stock at that time. You can call to order it. 
Telephone Orders. On Telephone orders, we DO NOT bill your credit card until we have produced a shipping label.  If the Item is not in stock we wait until it is in stock, a shipping label is produced and then we bill your credit card.  We DO NOT like holding onto any money where the transaction has not been concluded.
Shipping: We search for the least expensive shipping method.  The shipping cost is automatically added to your invoice on paypal.  We try to obtain the least expensive shipping option.  In the end your shipment will arrive by either Postal Service or UPS. 
Canada Shipping: For Canada, we have noticed that we can get better shipping rates than what is in the Shipping Calculator, so you might find that we send you a credit on your account if we feel we overcharged for shipping.  We are currently working with IMS to obtain better shipping rates to Canada.  For Canada, we can send you a paypal invoice which will most probably have more accurate and lower cost shipping.  Email us and request a paypal invoice.
International / Export We regularly ship Internationally and Export all of the items we sell.   With International please send us an email, request a quote, with shipping.   We will send you the quote and all relevant information.  We can send you an invoice via Paypal and you can pay via paypal.  Shipping options vary internationally and it depends on the country.  We can use your Account number and Ship Fedex, DHL or UPS.   We can also ship Postal and IMS (International Mail Service).  If the shipment is large enough we can ship via Freight Forwarding Services, ie UPS-SCS or your designated forwarder.
Suggestions: We are constantly changing our online ordering menus and sight.  If you have any constructive suggestions, please email us.
P.O. BOX 456; ADA, MI. 49301 USA
TEL: 1-616-676-1792; FAX: 1-616-676-1287
Email:   sales@drilltechnology.com
Website: http://www.drilltechnology.com

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