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SDX - SD - TWD - Thick Web Carbide Drill

Price List:  is arranged by diameter from smallest to largest and from Flute Length from shortest to longest

TWDPRICE1 Diameter Size: .0018"(.30mm) to and including .0200" (#76)
TWDPRICE2 Diameter Size: .0210"(#75) to and including .0335" (.85mm)
TWDPRICE3 Diameter Size: .0350" (#65) to and including .0453" (1.15mm)
TWDPRICE4 Diameter Size: .0465" (#56) to and including .1040" (#37) Note: Some Overlap with the list below
TWDPRICE5 Diameter Size: .0650" (1.65mm) to and including 1/8" Note: Some Overlap with the list above.
APPLICATIONS Drilling Hard materials, Stainless Steel Metals, Titanium, Iconel Use helps to reduce peck drill count
SPECIALS Neck Downs are available for extended reach applications.   On 1-1/2" OAL, we can do an extended reach of 1.0" leaving a little less than 1/2" for the collet
What is TWD (Thick Web Drill) A 1/8" shank x 1-1/2" overall length sub micro grain carbide drill with a thicker web;  approximately 20% to 40% thicker.
Diameter Size Range .30mm(.0118") to #37(.1040")

Sizes:  Inlcudes MM sizes, Wire Sizes and Fractional Sizes

Diameter Tolerance Tol: +0.0000" / -.0003" and Tol: +.0004" / - 0.0000"  
Flute Length: Lengths are marked in Inches and MM Special Extended Reach Flute Lengths are Available up to 1.0" extended reach upon request.  Special Pricing Applies
Point Angle 150 Degree 4 Facet Point Stock: Most sizes are stocked items.   There might be items not in stock.  . 
OAL: 1-1/2" (38.1mm) Ordering:  Please order by the item number.
Shank Diameter: 1/8" (3.175mm) (Shank Tolerance is h5) Suggestion: If you don't order the items on a regular basis, send an email with the requested size and we will send you the list of stocked items with the flute lengths available.  The most popular sizes are .60mm to 1.65mm
Rings Tools with rings have an "R" after the Diameter All Tools can have Rings; Please specify on the Order.

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